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Full Team

Devin Hubbard, Ph.D.


Teaching Associate Professor in UNC & NC State JBME Department and Lead Design Engineer, FastTraCS. He has over 10 years experience in biomedical device design and rapid prototyping and two years experience as founder of a small engineering services firm (FETek LLC). He is responsible for directing company management, product development and business strategy, and recruitment/retention of additional talent. 


Nicole Wiley, M.S.

Head of Regulatory Affairs

She brings 10 years experience in medical device design, early-stage prototyping, computer-aided engineering and design for manufacturing. She is Prototype and Design Engineer at FastTraCS and previously was Product Engineer for BD Technologies & Innovation (RTP, NC). Her professional accomplishments include R&D efforts for BD FlowSmartTM and BD Vacutainer® BarricorTM both received 510(k) clearance. She is responsible for product quality assurance (QA) and regulatory support, strategy and submission.


Ethan Smith

Head of Research and Development

Currently a 3rd year undergraduate in the UNC & NC State Joint Biomedical Engineering program. He brings six years of experience in computer-aided design (CAD), prototyping and additive manufacturing (i.e., FDM/SLA 3D printing). He brings a definitive entrepreneurial drive and wherewithal needed for company success. He is responsible for CAD modeling, design iteration and product evaluation.

Emiley headshot.png

Emiley Joyce, B.S.

Head of Business Operations

She brings five years of entrepreneurial experience, including a medical diagnostic startup (X2 Health LLC) and as owner of a ‘brick and mortar’ small business (MOD Studio LLC, Greensboro, NC). She offers experience in startup operations, facility management, customer relations, small business finance and retail marketing. She is responsible for operational functions, financial management, customer/product development, and marketing.

Bill headshot.png

Bill Elmore, B.S.

Chief Financial Officer

30 years of Leadership experience in Finance and Operations in C-Level roles including CFO of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), in finance as CPA, in operations as COO, and in business development with responsibilities for proposals, contracts, and conflict resolution with clients. Managing partner and founder of Triangle Clinical Research International, LLC. Drives company’s financial reporting; Analyzes and guides the company’s financial and operational performance; Provides strategic planning and hands on implementation. BS in Business Administration-Accounting focus, at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Devin Hubbard, Ph.D.

Kevin headshot.png

Kevin Greenhill, M.B.A.

Head of Business Development and Stategy

Kevin has over 20 years working with technology companies in IT service delivery, developing transformational and operational programs that contribute to top and bottom line growth. Well-rounded experience in sales, strategy, marketing, and operations. Has worked with several startups and is published in two science journals. Kevin earned his Bachelors degree from Lee University and a MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Kate headshot.png

Kate Brownfield, B.S.

Head of Marketing

2 years small business and industry experience in PPE procurement and standardization at a large industrial manufacturer. Experienced in cross collaboration, risk management, contracts, and working in a global environment. Passionate about working with an innovative company to strategize and develop efficient business management structures. Kate is a MBA candidate in the NC State Class of 2021

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