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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it comfortable?

Yes, so we’ve been told! During field testing of the AerFrame one of the common comments back was the comfort and feeling of security the AerFrame provided.

Does it help with glasses fogging?

Yes! The AerFrame closes face mask gaps around the nose, cheeks and chin, which helps to reduce eye-glass fogging.

How should I clean my AerFrame?

The AerFrame can be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe or using hot water with mild detergent.

What types of masks can I use this over?

Multiple! The Aerframe is compatible with KN95s, Cloth Masks, Gaiters, and Surgical Masks.

Will this hurt my nose?

No, the AerFrame is designed to be comfortable. If you are experiencing pain from the AerFrame on your nose, you should either a.) loosen the elastic on your frame or b.) use a larger sized frame.

How do I know my size?

If you know your N95 size, use the same size AerFrame. The vast majority of people will use a medium. If you have a particularly small or large face, then you may want to consider choosing a small or large AerFrame.

Where can I buy?

Information coming soon! Subscribe to our mailing list to know when they will be available.

How do I get a replacement AerFrame?

If your AerFrame or elastics become damaged, a replacement frame should be purchased.

What is the frame made out of?

The Aerframe is made out of a semi-rigid polypropylene in order to provide maximum comfort and durability.

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